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My Perfect Colon is an in-home intestinal washing system for a deep cleansing of the colon.
Practical, simple and for at home!
My Perfect Colon intestinal colon cleanse at home

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benefits My Perfect Colon Intestinal Cleanse

My Perfect Colon allows for correct and accurate rectal hygiene


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My Perfect Colon is an innovative device that will allow you to easily perform a colon cleansing (rectum sigma) from the comfort of your home in a simple, practical and effective way, allowing for immediate evacuation and a deep cleansing.

My Perfect Colon can easily be connected directly to the bathroom faucet, allowing you to perform an intestinal cleansing by sitting comfortably on your bathroom toilet.

Perfect for proper rectal hygiene, My Perfect Colon works without batteries or electricity and is extremely effective and easy to use.


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