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How to use


My Perfect Colon connects directly to the tap and it works only thanks to the water pressure, without the use of batteries or electricity.


To connect My Perfect Colon simply replace (only for the first time) your tap filter with one of the provided  My Perfect Colon special filters suitable for male and female connectors.


My Perfect Colon special aerator filter connects to all the taps with standard screwable aerator filter (according UNI-EN 240 standards)ː My Perfect Colon special filter, once mounted to the tap, allows the normal use of the tap, aerating, filtering and water saving.


It is possible to use My Perfect Colon, thanks to “Addy” (International patent pending)   the quick universal adapter, ideal  while travelling (included only in the “Travel” kit or sold as an accessory).


My Perfect Colon can be connected to the shower hose through the multifunction shower fitting (accessory).


A)   Connection with filter adapter for mounting to the tap

Tap Filter

Provided with My Perfect Colon “Basic” and “Travel” kits.


1)    Unscrew the filter from your tap;

2)    Screw the provided My Perfect Colon filter to the tap;

3)    Connect the graft* to the tap and use My Perfect Colon.


filter assembly My Perfect Colon colonic irrigation



Check to see if your faucet is compatible with our Water Powered adapters



B)  Connection with “Addy”quick universal adapter to the tap

addy  My Perfect Colon

 Included with the “Travel” kit or sold separately as an accessory.


1)    Place “Addy” the quick universal adapter on the tap without unscrewing it;

2)    Connect ”Addy” to the tap tightening the screws with the provided fastening key;

3)    Connect the gasket to “Addy” and use My Perfect Colon.


addy assembly for My Perfect Colon colonic irrigation


"Addy can be connected to all the taps with filter holder for the water flow with an outside diameter that varies from 16mm to 25mm with a minimum height of 5mm (All the standard taps have these parameters)."






Use My Perfect Colon is really fast and easy:


1) Connect My Perfect Colon directly to the tap using the equipped special filter;

2) Mount on the support with suction cups to the tablet or to the toilet;

3) Sit on the toilet and insert the cannula in the anal duct for about 5-6 cm.


Now you can start the colon cleansing opening and regulating the water flowthrough My Perfect Colon thanks to the flow regulator.




It is possible to do the colon cleansing with My Perfect Colon disposal also lying down thanks to My Perfect Colon Board (accessory), increasing in this way the effectiveness of the cleansing, as water can enter deeper into the intestine.

My Perfect Colon board is placed on the w.c., and thanks to its hole and drainage area, all the fecal residues eliminated during the cleansing, go directly into the toilet, allowing the evacuation without interrupt the cleansing.


My Perfect Colon Board for in home colon irrigation