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Advantages of My Perfect Colon

Colon irrigation system, enema My Perfect Colon guarantees: the maximum hygiene, ease of use and security thanks to a series of devices and solutions which make it really INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE in its field.


Automatic pressure-regulation valve (patented system)

The EXCLUSIVE valve inside the quick connector, automatically adjusts the water pressure, flowing in the sink the excessive pressure. You will not have to worry about the water pressure during its working and even if you will open the pressure tap at most, the use of My Perfect Colon will always be in complete security, without requiring any intervention by the user!


Filter tap

THE EXCLUSIVE special filter has to be assembled to the tap only the first time you connect My Perfect Colon. In fact, My Perfect Colon special filter, which is mounted to the tap allows both the normal use of the tap, aerating and filtering the water, both when it is necessary, to mount My Perfect Colon simply and in a few moments, making its use possible whenever you want, with all the comforts..


Check Valve

At the end of the modeling pipe (where you screw the tube) is placed a check valve that prevents the recirculation and stagnation within the product of bacteria or fecal material come from the intestine during the use.


Rectal pipe

My Perfect Colon pipe is made of soft material and with a rounded tip for easy insertion. The holes for water exit are placed laterally near the tip to ensure a smooth and delicate fill.


Modeling Tube

The semi-rigid tube can be modeled, by adapting to user needs, without forcing to assume unnatural, fixed and uncomfortable positions during intestinal washing.


Easily and completely washable

My Perfect Colon device is made to be completely and easily washed. You can also remove the tail pipe, the one which is dirtier, to facilitate a deep cleaning after the use, in order to retain and reuse the product always with clean and in complete hygiene.

Universal support with suction cups

Support with suction cups ensure a quick and simple installation, adaptable to all types of toilet. You can mount it both on the tablet and on the toilet.


Compact size

Thanks to its extremely compact size, My Perfect Colon is convenient to carry it with you during your trips. In this case it is recommended to buy and to use the universal travel adapter (optional) in order to avoid having to unscrew / screw the tap filter.




My Perfect Colon

Other devices for

intestinal washing


Fits only the first time, the filter is mounted to the tap and allows normal working. When necessary, you can connect easily in one second My Perfect Colon to the tap making use extremely practical.

It’s necessary to mount filters and connections every time you use the product. The tap can't work with provided connections which must be removed, with great loss of time and possibility to damage the thread of the tap.



Thanks to the valve inside the connector, the maximum range of working  which preserves the safety of the user, is regulated automatically, without requiring any manual adjustment. Another regulator is located near the support with suction cups to start, stop or adjust the amount of water flow that you want to enter during washing.


The pressure must be adjusted manually without automatic adjustment.


The pipe is mounted on a modeling tube which guarantees the possibility to use the product with all the comforts:it is the tube that fits itself to the more comfortable position for the user during washing and not vice versa. 

The pipe is placed on a fixed base or is placed on a rigid tube which must be maintained with the hands during washing. In both cases, the patient must adapt himself to the predetermined position of the pipe and not vice versa, making use certainly less convenient.



It has a support with suction cups that guarantees a mounting / dismounting immediately. It is also universal so it can be mounted on all types of toilet

The supports for the seat are cumbersome and require familiarity for correct assembly. They also have to be adapted according to the size and shape of the toilet. 



It occupies a very small space and it is endowed of a special waterproof travel case that allows the maximum portability and discretion.


Bigger than My Perfect Colon, certainly cumbersome and not suitable to be brought during travels in a suitcase.


It is certainly  the more accessible device for in-home intestinal washing of the market: the basic version costs less than

50 €!


...At least 3-4 times more expensive…!