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Colon cleansing execution

How long does an intestinal washing with My Perfect Colon last?

There is no definite time, it can last five, ten or even from thirty to forty minutes, as needed; the duration depends on the user's exigency. As indicator to evaluate a complete washing, you should terminate the intestinal washing when the water that comes out is basically clean.

How often can I use My Perfect Colon? Can I use it any time during the day?

My Perfect Colon can be used every day, in each moment of the day and does not constitute an obstacle to the resumption of normal daily life.

Can I use the pipe for most rectal washes?

No, the rectal tube is disposable and is entirely appropriate to use it only for one washing.

There are specific contraindications and precautions for the use of My Perfect Colon?

During the intestinal washing, water temperature should never be too cold or hot, maximum at ab 38 °. When it is used by children, it is recommended to seek the pediatrician’s advice before the use and, anyway, it is always necessary the supervision of one of the parent.
It is not recommended the use of “MY PERFECT COLON” in case of: Acute inflammation of intestine; Intestinal bleeding, with losses from the anus; Pregnancy; Inflammation of the intestinal tract, in acute phase appendix area; Recent surgery of the colon, sigmoid or rectum; Colon, sigmoid or rectum cancers; hemorrhoids, fissures and anal fissures in the process of drilling bleeding; perforations; heart failure; epilepsy and psychosomatic syndromes; artery-venous thoracic and abdominal pathologies.
Besides in case of pathologies which require special precautions, however it is advisable to consult your doctor before using the device.
Before using this product, read the instructions included in the package.

How can I facilitate the evacuation during the washing?

To facilitate the evacuation:
• start the water flow to the sensation of filling, then close the flow through the regulator and try to keep the water inside the intestine for as long as possible before evacuating.

• take a deep breath, contract the stomach and massage the area above the pubes and left side of the abdomen for about 1-2 minutes. 

• in addition alternate washing with water, moderately, hot and cold. 

• the evacuation will take place in a natural way: when the colon is ready, the sphincter opens up and allow the expulsion of feces softened by the wash.  

I have a lazy bowel and frequently use laxatives. Is the use of My Perfect Colon helpful for me ?

Yes, it can help you, because the water flow stretches the intestinal walls and stimulates peristalsis (the natural movement of the intestinal walls). Water passages re-educate the muscle to the movements necessary for evacuation, facilitating their adjustment.

How can I use the board with My Perfect Colon?

The My Perfect Colon Board is supported on one side on the toilet and the other side on a chair or a stool (not supplied).

Thanks to the pre-assembled fittings, the board easily connects to your My Perfect Colon. The board is provided with a hole in correspondence of the toilet and a drainage area where the fecal residues are conveyed during washing.

Once positioned the table, just lie down on the table and, after inserting the rectal pipe, starting the washing as if you were on a cot. Thanks to the flow regulator, it will be possible at any time to adjust, start or stop, without having to get up, the water flow.

The My Perfect Colon table can only be used with the My Perfect Colon CARE version.

I don’t have particular intestinal problems, can I use My Perfect Colon?

Certainly, you can have great benefits for the whole body even if you do not have (.. or you do not think to have...) intestinal problems. It’s useful, for example, in season changes, after periods of disordered feed or at the beginning of a diet to improve its effectiveness. Everyone should have as good habit to cure intestinal hygiene as well as cures dental care or that of the body in general.

What kind of feed must I follow before and after the use of My Perfect Colon?

If you already follow a healthy and controlled diet, you should not make any particular change. In case of constipation, for example, it is recommended to take probiotics (to discuss anyway with your doctor). There is no need however to fast to use My Perfect Colon.
After using My Perfect Colon is advisable to drink at least one glass of water.

How can I get more information?

You can contact us by email at

Should the pipes be necessarily used?

The long pipes (12) that are included with the Care version should be used.

With the Fast version, the mini pipes can be used (20 included), or if you prefer, the long pipes (not included). A cleansing with or without the pipes is only possible with the Fast version, aligning the nozzle with the sphincter.