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Benefits coming from the intestinal washing

Many disorders or diseases came from the malfunctioning of the intestine or from a wrong personal rectal hygiene.
 My Perfect Colon benefits colonic irrigation
When the intestine doesn't work properly, it generates waste, which spread thanks to the lymphatic system throughout the body, causing a sort of "self-intoxication"; it generates infact disorders which seem not to be connected to the intestine malfunctioning.
Moreover, the intestine is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system, and so if intestine does not work efficiently, whole body becomes more vulnerable.
"We can say that most diseases are the result of an intestinal malfunctioning."
(Christian Tal Schaller - French specialist in dietary quality and natural medicine).
By a malfunctioning intestine may result:
Acne (Pimples), Anxiety, Irritability, Hemorrhoids, Flatulence, Meteorism, Halitosis, Insomnia (difficulty sleeping), Cellulite, Allergies, Colitis (and irritable intestine syndrome), Constipation (Chronic Constipation), Prostatitis

Use of My Perfect Colon is not recommended in case of:
Enteritis-colon proctitis (Inflammation of the small and large intestine and of the anus); Acute abdominal pathologies; Pregnancy; Bleeding hemorrhoids andanal rhagades; Perforation of the rectum; Rectum cancer; Hematochezia; Melena; Recent colon, rectumor anus surgery; Heart failure/ respiratory failure; Epilepsy and psychosomatic syndromes; Diarrhea;Dismetabolic Syndromes; Artery-venous pathologies; Diverticular disease in active phase; Nausea orvomiting; Serious state of dehydration; Prostate surgery. In addition to the pathologies listed above requiring special precautions, it is always advisable to seekmedical advice from your doctor before using this medical device.