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What is My Perfect Colon?

My Perfect Colon is an innovative system which allows to do the colon cleansing in a practical, safe, effective and simple way, also at home.

Why should I need colon cleansing?

Because the colon cleansing can clean from inside the colon, getting it free by fecal wastes which are never completely expelled also if the evacuation is daily. This situation might cause the alteration of bacterial flora with consequential disturbances in all the body. Today many people, often unconsciously, have a colon not in good condition or suffer of chronic constipation, bloating or flatulence.

What is the difference between My Perfect Colon and an enema?

There are many differences between My Perfect Colon and a classic enema.
In fact, with My Perfect Colon:
• You can use more water than an enema because it is directly connected to the tap, allowing in this way a deeper cleansing;
• As the cleansing is done while you are confortably sitting on the toilet, it can ensure you an excellence use as the evacuation can be done without getting up or interrupting the washing ;
• As it is connected to the tap, you can adjust the pressure and temperature of the water flow;
These are just some of the many differences which guarantee and provide a deeper colon cleansing with My Perfect Colon.

Why should I buy My Perfect Colon and not another system for in-home intestinal washing?

My Perfect Colon is UNIQUE because it provides a number of devices and solutions which make it really INNOVATIVE.
In particular:
• valve for AUTOMATIC control of water pressure (no need to worry about any pressure peaks);
• the special filter which is mounted to the tap ONLY THE FIRST TIME (you don't need to disassemble and reassemble the filter to the tap every time you want to make an intestinal washing);
• modeling tube that fits the needs of the user and makes it very comfortable to use (the position of the pipe is not rigid and follows the movements of the user);
• the possibility to perform the cleansing while sitting on the toilet
• support with suction cups that makes fast assembly / disassembly and it is adaptable to all types of toilets.

My Perfect Colon is indicated for everybody or only in specific cases?

My Perfect Colon can be used by everyone, even those who have no problems with constipation or other symptoms of a malfunctioning intestine. The positive effects are still evident. It can not be used in all cases described inside the section "Contraindications" of the Way of Using and in the website (see below) .

My Perfect Colon is also useful for rectal/anal hygiene (as an anal shower)?

My Perfect Colon, thanks to its characteristics of safety, efficacy and practicality, is absolutely ideal for a good personal rectal hygiene rettale (the fast version, in particular), which is very important both as a practice of personal hygiene both to ensure the hygiene of both partners during sex. Unfortunately, very often for anal hygiene are used inappropriate and unsafe products (eg. adapted products or anal showers of dubious origin ). My Perfect Colon instead of ensures a proper and safe anal cleansing.

Is My Perfect Colon also suitable for immobilized people, bedridden and/or in the case of fecal impaction?

My Perfect Colon is also indicated in the case of people immobilized (the Care version, in particular), bedridden and in the case of fecal impaction. It is advisable to consult your doctor to evaluate your own situation.